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Belinda provides students with a fresh perspective on the practice of yoga, with the utmost care and attention! At the end of the day, you can expect to leave her classes with a sense of joy, a relaxing workout, and a calm mind.

She is a friendly and professional Yoga instructor that has a strong passion for teaching one-on-one classes to provide you with a customized experience to meet your specific needs. At the end of the class, you will feel refreshed and balanced again.

Our Instructor Belinda Yin

Experienced yoga teacher for All Levels! I can provide customized classes that are tailored specifically to your needs.

You can try my private classes at Bhavana Yoga Studio

What Makes Bhavana Yoga Studio So Popular

Bhavana yoga studio provides a range of techniques including asanas (postures) and meditation derived from some of the philosophies, teachings and practices of the traditional Yoga styles.
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Bhavana Yoga

Belinda is certified instruction and member of the Yoga Alliances. Our instructor will teach you different yoga poses with meditation derived from the Bhavana Yoga philosophies.

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Are you are looking a for a professional instructor who can help you with

Increase strength, flexibility, stability and mobility?
Then look no further. Bhavana Yoga Studio is the perfect place for to start your Yoga journey.

The Yoga classes from Belinda can help you create mental space and clarity.

Achieve personal goals, feel comfortable and safe while practicing Yoga with Belinda.

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