Hatha Yoga

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What is So Great About Hatha Yoga and Who Should Try it?

If you want to start your yoga journey, but don’t know what exactly Hatha yoga is then join a class at Bhavana Yoga Studio.

Hatha yoga involves the practice of body postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. It is generally a slow style of yoga and is ideal for you if you are looking for some gentle movement and stretching.

A lot has been said about yoga: it’s a sport, it’s a spiritual discipline, it’s a lifestyle. Well, hatha yoga is so much more.

Hatha Yoga At Bhavana Yoga Studio Is More Than Exercises

Hatha yoga is mainly listening, it allows us to observe ourselves in a different light. It helps us to understand how we react to certain situations and to let go of accumulated rigidity in the body, which are often the reflection of deeper tensions.

Hatha Yoga helps create the space inside the body and to feel lighter. It allows us to know our breath, which too often we don’t really listen to. Meditative breathing is the most important way to get in touch with the mind, to find calm and balance every time we move away from our center.

It helps us recognize that body, breath and mind are closely connected, that they are the same and teaches us to trust.

Why Is Hatha Yoga So Good

Through the practice of the various Hatha yoga poses you will be able to connect all three elements: physical, mental and spiritual energy.

When practiced regularly, you will feel the effects of Hatha Yoga after a few weeks at Bhavana Yoga Studio. It will give you the opportunity to see the world in a different way. To look inside yourself and, of course, it will develop your body in a harmonious way .

By exercising Hatha regularly, you will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and spine, consequently you will develop correct posture.

Like all other yoga styles, Hatha Yoga also helps regain the flexibility of the joints and the spine and serves to prevent varicose veins, hypertension and helps reduce excess weight.

Who Should Try It?

Our Hatha Yoga class is for anyone! For yogis of all levels who want to embark on a yoga journey starting from the foundations of the union of pranayama, asanas and presence in the moment.

It’s great for people who wants to take a break from the daily routine committing to a practice good for the body and amazing for the soul.

Our Hatha Yoga course is available to anyone who feels the need to do something for their health, to change their habits, to take care of themselves, and to learn to live and see life as a place of joy and adventure.
With Hatha Yoga you have the chance to work on both your physical and mental wellbeing while learning to listen to yourself to a deeper level.

If you want to give Hatha Yoga a try our Hatha Yoga Class is what you need to get started!