Yin Yoga

Every Saturday
7:00pm - 8:00pm

What is Yin Yoga, What's So Great About It, and Who Should Try it?

If you are just starting with yoga, you might feel overwhelmed by many types and postures out there. You are probably thinking right now, what is this Yin yoga?

To learn about its meaning is to imagine a slow pace. This is a fantastic style that is therapeutic and great for beginners, featuring more passive postures (usually lying down or seated); held for a longer amount of time.

But what is so great about it and why should you try it? Let’s dive in!

The Benefits of Practicing Yin Yoga!

Are you ready relax your body and mind while getting a passive deep stretching? Let’s begin with the fact that it improves your body’s range of motion. The slow-paced postures focus on the connective tissues, improving the way your muscles glide one over the other. What does that mean? Better mobility, healthier muscles, and joints! Furthermore, practicing daily will help you balance your Yang (fast-paced lifestyle).

Not only are the Yin yoga benefits diverse, but each of them is needed in this modern-day era. Some of them are improved sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, better circulation, balancing hormones, releasing all of your negative emotions – accepting and releasing, promoting self-love and compassion, having a meditative mind, and so much more!

Because the postures channel profound knowledge as well, you will be able to elevate the physical while also healing the psychical and spiritual. Plus, it is perfect for beginners so you can even start today!

What Students Expect During Yin Yoga Class?

Students are encouraged to hold each pose for an extended period of time with or without the use of different props, for deep relaxation and stretching. Please note that students are responsible for bringing their own props such as two or more yoga blocks, straps, and/or a bolster should you wish to use them in the class.

Who should try Yin Yoga?

Do you feel imbalanced? Maybe you feel tired and you need more energy, or you have energy and you need more silencing on the body and mind? Well, great news! Yin yoga is for anyone who seeks to reach equilibrium and balance all the aspects of life. 24/7 you are bombarded with all kinds of information, running towards chores and work tasks, so this serves as a filter that detoxifies the body and mind simultaneously! Have in mind that even though the asanas are slow that doesn’t mean that there is no challenge. The postures are held for a longer amount of time, seamlessly transitioning from one to another.

Do you want to try Yin yoga? Maybe you are already practicing and looking to take it up a notch? Discover our Yin Yoga Class that is perfect for all levels!