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The word “bhavana” means our capacity to cultivate or call something into existence. At Bhavana Yoga, we hope to create and foster a safe environment where you are encouraged to be expressive, creative, and in harmony with yourself to call upon the “ahhh” feeling within you.

We believe the sense of bliss is already within us and we hope by attending our classes, you are able to tune in to your thoughts and emotions in order to manifest that awareness.

The format of our classes include self expressions, meditation, breathing exercises, asanas, journaling, etc., and we are sincerely thankful for your interest and we hope to see you here soon!

Why joining Bhavana Yoga? What makes Bhavana Yoga stands out?

  • 3-5 people class so you get more attention
  • Personalized teaching and hands-on pose adjustment
  • Closer and supportive student-teacher relationship
  • Fostering a sense of community feel
  • Providing a safe place; less intimidating
  • Suited for all levels

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Bhavana Yoga offers a variety of group classes geared towards your needs, from the traditional hatha class to the more demographic-specific class. Classes are easy to follow and suited to all levels. For more information on our group classes, please click here.


Besides group classes, Bhavana Yoga also offers private or on-demand classes for those interested in that option. You get better results and feel great after the class.
For more information, please
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TESTIMONIALS – What Our Students Say

I took Belinda’s private hatha yoga class and loved it! She is very detail-oriented and took the time to explain the little details, which I didn’t know before! I highly recommend it if you want a non-rushed and down-to-details teaching!



I have been taking classes from Belinda for several months. I love the way she teaches hatha and yin yoga. Belinda’s instructions on breathing/meditation techniques are very well explained. Her yin yoga classes make me feel very relaxed especially during these difficult times.


Office Admin

I like the way Belinda teaches group yoga class. She is a professional in yin yoga. The guiding words are not only soft but also calming for your mind and heart.