Events and Deals by Bhavana Yoga Studio

Upcoming Events and Deals at Bhavana Yoga Studio

If you live in the Metro Vancouver area, you might not have a problem finding a yoga studio.

But if you want to find a community to practice Yoga that feels supportive, aligned, and energizing, then it will be a bit challenging. Since 2020 more yoga studio are closed down or gone completely to zoom.

Fortunately Bhavana Yoga Studio is back in person teaching.  

It’s the only Yoga place where you can find relaxing and energizing Yin and Hatha yoga. During the class you also get meditation, which most yoga places don’t provide anymore. Come out and enjoy the yoga class at Bhavana Yoga Studio. 

Yoga Instructor Belinda has been praised for her detailed and personalized teachings from many of her students.

Whether you’re looking for a space to practice, to be in a community, or to take your personal growth to new places, Bhavana Yoga Studio is the best place for you.

Visit Bhavana Yoga Studio and try a drop-in class.

Christmas Special Package Expire Dec 25th

Join our Hatha or Yin Yoga classes for a relaxing workout that calms your body and mind.

Yin Yoga is great for office people who are sitting for a long period of time behind the computer or for those who need more flexibility or increase their range of motion. Each Yin Yoga pose is hold for 1-3 minutes and gives you a soothing deep stretch. 

Hatha Yoga is more dynamic than Yin Yoga. It also relaxes your body and mind. You will love it.


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Want To Know More about Upcoming Bhavana Yoga events?

We frequently have Yoga workshops in Vancouver. If you are living in Vancouver and would like to know about our upcoming Yoga events, please sbuscribe below.

During the summer we have outdoor Yoga events at the park.

Our Bhavana Yoga Studio is located in Burnaby

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